Tuition & Financial Assistance

Data Science @ Atkinson is committed to helping all qualified applicants invest in their future.

Students in the Data Science for Business Certificate program may have opportunities for financial assistance through their employer, scholarships, private educational loans, and or flexible repayment options.

Tuition Cost

The total cost of the Data Science for Business Certificate is $16,764, and can be completed in just two semesters.

Employer, Willamette Alumni and Current Student Tuition Discounts

Data Science @ Atkinson has created partnerships with a number of local employers for specific tuition discounts. Please inquire with the Data Science @ Atkinson staff for more information.

Willamette University alumni and current students (College of Liberal Arts, MBA or Law) may be eligible to receive a tuition discount.

Private Student Loans

Federal student loans are not available to students in certificate programs . However, private  student loans may be available. Lenders of private loans often require a cosigner.

If a student chooses to borrow a  private student loan, they should carefully review the terms and conditions for each lender. Once the preferred lender is chosen, students should complete the application through the lender. The Willamette University Financial Aid Office will certify the loan when asked by the lender to do so. Loan funds will be disbursed to Willamette University and applied toward the tuition charges on the student’s Willamette billing .

The Willamette University Financial Aid Office is happy to answer questions about the process of applying for private loans. However, they are not allowed to recommend a lender. If you have questions, call 503-370-6273 or email