Organizational Analysis

Organizational analysis provides an understanding of the human and structural elements that influence an organization's effectiveness. For most students, this concentration should be combined with one or more functional concentrations.

Students interested in organizational analysis benefit from the professional, leadership and networking opportunities from the wide range of student professional organizations available, including the Atkinson Consulting Association.

Students who choose to pursue a formal concentration in Organizational Analysis must complete a minimum of three (3) courses from the following list of elective courses with a grade of B (3.0) or higher, and all other requirements for graduation. The final MBA transcript of students who successfully complete these requirements will list "Organizational Analysis" as a concentration.

  • GSM 6211 - Managing Organizational Change
  • GSM 6218 - Global HR
  • GSM 6229 - Principles of Management Consulting
  • GSM 6236 - HR Principles and Practices
  • GSM 6249 - Project Management
  • GSM 6268 - Leadership
  • GSM 6276 - Social Networks for Managers
  • GSM 7251 - Internship (must be in the area of Organizational Analysis)

It is possible that a specific course may not be offered in a given year.