Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact

You will make some of the most meaningful decisions of your life in this program.

Through this consequential learning course, students will decide how to invest a fixed pool of funds for social community impact and assess the performance of their investments year over year. In the process, students will build leadership, critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. They will be inspired and empowered to build and to manage an effective social impact investment portfolio for measurable community impact.

The Philanthropic Investment program was launched with $150,000 in seed money from Mountain West Investment Corporation. Students enrolled in the year-long Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact elective course experience the challenges, joys and responsibilities of building and evaluating not-for-profit capacity. To learn more about our students' firsthand experience, checkout our student blog and class website.

This one-of-a-kind program provides invaluable insight and experience in grant management, as well as the ability to impact the community in a strategic and meaningful way.

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